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Have you ever wished to get the skills you need to fly a PPG? Or perhaps you want to expand a hobby with a new set of skills. No need to wonder any longer, as Empire PPG is your number one flight training center in Marathon. At Empire PPG, we make sure our clients get the best PPG training, using high standard ...

What is PPG?

Powered paragliding, often known as paramotoring, is a type of ultralight aircraft in which the pilot wears a motor (paramotor) on his or her back to create enough force to take off with a paraglider wing. Powered Paragliding is relatively new in the USA but with new technology, the sport is growing fast. ...


USPPA Training Programs

USPPA Training Programs

New Program Format!

In order to get more potential pilots in the air and to allow for a quick intro to the sport, we have split the full program in two. The 2 …

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Phase I - PPG1

Day 1 – On day 1 you will begin fieldwork right away and then go on to the simulator, winching, and first flight by day 3. The classroom …

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Phase II - PPG2

Now you have the first 30-minute flight behind you and you're ready to get into all the sport has to offer. We finish classroom and …

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